Professional Jeweler Review Hearts On Fire Perfect Moments
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Professional Jeweler Review Hearts On Fire Perfect Moments

Boston One Fund

Hearts of Fire has launched a new consumer-focused campaign for the UK, Perfect Moments, giving retailers a chance to work more closely with their customers. 

The Perfect Moments initiative aims to record Hearts on Fire customers' own 'perfect moments', encouraging them to share an image relating to that moment through a mini website created for the campaign. 

The site also allows users to pin their moment on a global map using tags such as love, engagement, dining and sports.

A statement from Hearts on Fire said: "Perfect Moments is a site dedicated to celebrating yours and your customers' perfect moments whatever and wherever they may be to be and mark them on the map forever. 

"Together we can use this site to further enhance our customers' experience giving them the opportunity to record their perfect moments with an image and text, always to be tagged to that special place on our perfect moments map." 

The brand is encouraging its retailers to share the Perfect Moments site with their customers, with the posts also shared via Facebook, Pinterest and Twitter at the users' request. 

Hearts on Fire sales manager for the UK and Ireland David Hartley said: "The site is sponsored by Hearts On Fire however it is accessible to anyone and everyone whether they are [involved with] Hearts On Fire, like true social networking site." 

The initiative follows the launch of Hearts on Fire's Academy in the UK, an upcoming two-day program featuring sessions focused on the UK diamond market, consumer spending habits and how to create an added value diamond offer.